Hilton Head and Sea Pines Resort

A must play experience for bucket list golfers.

There isn't much that we can write that hasn't already been said about Sea Pines and Hilton Head.  A Mecca for golf fanatics throughout the world and direct flights from most International Airports make this a memorable golfing experience.

Tree lined, lush fairways on one side and the Atlantic Ocean on the other.  More golf courses than you can swing a stick at and luxury accommodations surrounded by lagoons and waterways make it a unique experience.

We offer a wide choice of accommodation from hotels to houses.  Want the privacy of your own property but with golf frontage then why not hire a luxury house.

Get around the town and local area by car or by the more popular option of bicycle.

Beware of Gators.  The ponds and lagoons that surround the courses are nature reserves and are the home to Crocodiles and Alligators, so don't go sticking your hand in, after all, its only a PRO V1.


Recommended Stay
7 - 14
Do your research.

If you're afraid of snakes, spiders, crocs and gators then Hilton Head maybe isn't the place for you.  The chances of you encountering these creatures is remote, but they do live there and sometimes they can be a bit grouchy.  Just remember, you only have to be able to run faster than your playing partner or caddie.

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