5 star hotels, cristal clear waters, spectacular golf courses
Mauritius - located in the Indian Ocean the Island of Mauritius is actually part of Africa.  This idyllic island provides something for everyone.  From cristal clear waters, white sandy beaches, breathtaking scenery and pristine golf courses combined with all inclusive deals this really is a haven of peace and tranquility.
The best time to visit is November to April which is their summer season. This makes it ideal for a winter golf getway.
There are 18 courses to choose from on the island each offering memorable views which will be etched into your mind long after your vacation is over.
We only offer 5 star accommodation on the island which guarantees the highest level of service and comfort available.
Outside of golf the island is renown for its diving and snorkelling and lessons and equipment can be arranged.  Jet ski, deep sea fishing, sailing and wildlife safaris can also be found on the island.
The only question is not 'why do i want to go to Mauritius?, its 'why haven't i been to Mauritius yet?'.
Recommended Stay
10-14 days
10 day plus.

Mauritius is a long way and once you arrive you won't want to leave.

We recommend a minimum stay of 10 days.  Long stay vacations can also be arranged upon request.

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