Robert Trent Jones Jr. Trail

The Best Collection Of Municipal Courses In The World
The RTJ Trail - We've never heard of it
Back in the late 80's and early 90's it was decided that tourism needed to be increased in the state of Alabama.  A local business man wanted to build a golf trail.  This trail was not to be for the elite but was for the everyman golfer.  However, when the word 'Municipal' is mentioned in the English golfing world it stirs up images of queuing from 5am for an 8am tee time.  An 8 ball wandering off down the 1st.  Footprints, animal tracks and the occasional green keeper asleep in the bunkers.  In short, courses designed for beginners and not the seasoned golfer and certainly not the holiday golfer.
But the RTJ Trail was going to be different.  Its was going to be great.  It was going to be the greatest collection of municipal golf courses in the world.  
Good news.  It is.  Not only is it a phenomenal collection of courses all demonstrating their own characteristics but the tees are graded on ability as opposed to gender.  This means that some of the courses, depending on the tee box chosen are only 4,000 yards long, but can also be stretched out to the maximum of over 7,000 yards.  
How many courses are their.
There are 26 courses located over 11 different sites totaling a staggering 468 Championship standard holes of golf. 
The trail is designed to be played over several days and each location offers luxury accommodation.  This self drive winds through the beautiful Alabama countryside over an approximate 385 miles from top to bottom.  The trail can be played in part over a few days or over a longer period of time.
Direct flights are available from UK International Airports
Recommended Stay
7+ days
Ultimate Combo:

A trip to the Masters, a twin center at Hilton Head, Myrtle Beach, Sawgrass, Kiawah Island.  The possibilities are almost endless.

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